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christineMeet Christine Wunderlin

I was diagnosed with Stage I Lymphedema six months after my mastectomy in July of 2010. I had Stage I breast cancer and the doctor removed 11 lymph nodes; none of which were cancerous. The doctor never said anything about Lymphedema and the only advice he gave me was that I should never have any injections, IV’s or blood pressure taken on the left arm, the side of the mastectomy.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset when I realized I had Lymphedema – more so than losing my breast. I can always camouflage my left side by using a prosthetic, but there is no way to hide the swollen arm. I did a Google search to locate a treatment facility and came up with two in the entire state of Nevada – luckily both were in Las Vegas.

One required a doctor’s referral and the other had a doctor on staff. I selected the one with the doctor on staff. It was a wonderful, supportive and enlightening experience – I had 7 weeks of treatment, wrapping, MLD massage, and subsequently wearing a compression sleeve. Compared to a number of patients I encountered at the Lymphatic Therapy Center, my personal case was very minor.

What was appalling to me is that hardly anyone ever heard or knew anything about Lymphedema, including my own healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals and auxiliary groups such as insurance companies just seem to dismiss it – having the attitude that you should be glad that you’re still alive. I don’t believe that people should be ignored.

Because of this, I decided to do something about it – getting the word out about Lymphedema, starting a support group, educating people on Lymphedema when they asked me about my sleeve, and starting a podcast called the Lymphedema Mavens (with my good friend MsCjay) just talking it up. This is my goal and passion is to educate, inform, support, and advocate for people with lymphedema

About Christine
Christine Wunderlin is a Career Consultant and has had a private practice in Las Vegas for over 18 years; she also is an independent contractor the state of Nevada Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation as a Rehabilitation Specialist. Christine Wunderlin is a Consultant assisting clients with all aspects of their career transition.  She is experienced with the interpretation of career assessments, resume and cover letter writing, developing or honing interviewing skills, and coaching clients on the art of networking and salary negotiations.  Christine has provided career counseling services for a variety of populations in the Las Vegas area.  

Christine is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1991 with first-hand experience as a relocated spouse.  She knows the challenges associated with reestablishing in a new area while simultaneously searching for work.  After moving to Las Vegas, Christine accepted a position as a career counselor with the University of Nevada Las Vegas while working on her Master’s Degree.  She especially enjoys working with her REA clients who relocate from all parts of the country.  She also has a private career coaching practice and works with people with disabilities through the state of Nevada Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Christine has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a Master of Science Degree in Educational Psychology specializing in Rehabilitation and Career Development from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  She is a certified Job and Career Transition Coach under the authority of the Career Planning and Adult Development Network.  Christine is also a past member of  the Southern Nevada Society of  Human Resource Association Professionals, the American Society of Training and Development, current member of the American Counseling Association, Career Development Network, and is the past president of the local chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association and past chairperson of the Salvation Army’s Advisory Board. She is also a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment administrator.

Christine provides counseling and outplacement services such as; employment preparation, targeted job search, career and personality assessments, career coaching, resume and/or portfolio development, interviewing skills, and Internet Job Boards. She works with a variety of populations’ people in transition, occupational undecided individuals and individuals with disabilities. In 2009 Christine Wunderlin was awarded the Madonna Award for Outstanding Community Service by Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.